My namie is Fred Reillier.

I’m not a photographer, but I’ve been shooting thousands of images, obsessionally, for years. Like lots of people.

I always wear a camera. In recent years, this has been an iPhone, but before I used tu buy small pocket cameras (I loved the Casio ones). I shoot images on my scooter, in the train, in a car, when I walk. Mainly landscapes and urban landscapes. Portraits are very rare.

In 2010, I’ve created a blog called “Une photo par heure” (One photo per hour), and published 24 photos a day for three months. It was an attempt to get over this obsession, by exaggerating it, and to try to understand it. The blog is lost now for technical reasons. And I’m still taking all those photos.






Everyday, I publish a selection of my photos on my Instagram accounts. It is a pleasure to chase image, but also to select them. Publishing on Instagram allows for this work, and I enjoy this second, reflective look, on my automatic photographic practice.

I’ve been thinking about organizing all this material for a long time. On a website. And I was asked to prepare my first exhibit. This was the reason for the first version of this website.

I try to improve it when I have time and energy. But I still spend more time taking photos than showing them.